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to the new age of online coaching for personal fitness & spiritual well-being

Our physical and spiritual bodies are intimately connected, each manifestations of our own unique essence. Herein lies the goal to explore the balance of peak physical performance and spiritual expansion. Through this integration of the physical and spiritual bodies, we can heal and strengthen one and thereby healing and strengthening the other.

Whether you're seeking to prime your physical health and fitness, or navigating the emotional and spiritual challenges that we encounter throughout our daily lives, this is a path towards embracing and empowering all parts of our being, leading us to our fullest and truest potential.

"AS within, so without"

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I welcome you to my personalized methodology and philosophy to cultivating ideal health, deep inner healing, and physical strength: RYS ROAR - an elevated approach to reclaiming our power and aligning to our true selves.


Guided with a driven and compassionate mindset, I will intentionally and intuitively help you achieve optimal results. My goal is to support you along your path and provide you the tools necessary for you to access your own sacred medicine so that you can awaken your power and live life more fully and authentically.

ryan chalfant

Fitness & Spiritual Health coach


when we rys, we roar

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"This is an invitation for you to fully and wholeheartedly step into your power, claim your own magic, and manifest everything you were meant to be."

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