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Alchemy, an ancient and natural philosophical and protoscientific study exploring the relationship between the physical world and the etheric realms. Alchemists dedicated their lives to their mission which they referred to as the Magnum Opus, or the Great Work. An intentional and sacred practice that involved the balancing of energy, the joining of opposites, and the refinement of physical material all in the pursuit of greater spiritual transcendence and transformation.  

When I think back on the journey that has brought me here, I am reminded of the countless times I myself have undergone transformation. I am reminded of the infinite undoing and remaking of myself, my body and my soul. A process each of us undergoes countless times within our lifetimes. But it is in this moment that I know, in all the times we have ever fallen or felt less than or other than, we have always been whole and complete with every passing step. Rising each time only to be brought closer and more aligned to our inner truth. Allowing for more and more layers to fall away. Layers of conditioned behaviors and defenses, false identities, pain, limiting beliefs and negative thought-forms. All born out of survival and self-preservation. Within their absence, space may be born to make manifest the foundation for our own strength and light. Such as it has done for myself.

Through this devastatingly magnificent unfolding of self discovery and personal transformation I’m learning who I could be, or rather, finally answering that primal calling of the Universe to step into who I always was. Even if that means doing so with shaking hands, a pounding heart and a racing mind telling me allll the stories as to why this wont work or, “Who the heck am I to even be here?”. But then a voice comes roaring through asking me, “Who are you to stand in the way of your own unique gifts and insights? Who are you to hold back helping others if you are able and willing?”.

And I don’t have an answer. So here I am, instead, answering my Soul’s calling to share what knowledge and experiences I have with the hope I may be privileged enough to help others navigate their own path of self discovery. A path I believe to be one that involves both the strengthening of our bodies and our spirit.

And thus, I introduce to you myself reborn, The Fitness Alchemist, along with my personalized methodology and philosophy to cultivating optimal health, deep inner healing, personal strength and overall well-being. 

Guided by an intuitive, mindful and heart-centered approach, it is my personal mission and desire to navigate the balance between the physical and the spiritual, not unlike the Alchemists of legend, and transmute that into the accessible, powerful medicine that it is. Through a co-creative and collaborative effort, activating my years of training and experience to work alongside anyone who feels called to explore their awakening to their own inner radiance and their fullest, truest potential. 

This is the Great Work and I invite you to join me.

With love,

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