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Thank you for joining me, The Fitness Alchemist (he/him/his), and trusting in me to be a part of your journey. It is important to me and my intention to provide clear and accurate insight, to the best of my ability, into my role and associations and offer information to better assist you in your understanding of my work.


While I am certified in Personal Fitness Training and Holistic Healing Arts (and have received formal training with specific modalities listed here), please be aware that I am not a licensed healthcare provider, physician, or therapist. Nor have I at any time received professional training within the medical field. At no time is my intention to replace, interfere, or deter from receiving treatment and/or care from licensed healthcare professionals nor will I at any time provide such care as may include and not be limited to: medical diagnoses, surgical operations, prescribing of pharmaceutical medications, and/or psychiatric treatment, etc.


My services and the information provided, both therein and on this Website, do not exist for the replacement of professional health advice.


Accordingly, before such time as initiating a professional relationship with myself, I will always advocate and encourage the consulting of appropriate medical and therapeutic healthcare professionals. 


Fitness Disclaimer


The services, content, and information provided by me, The Fitness Alchemist, and on the Website, are designed to support and aid an individual on their health journey and are based on formal training and years of experience, both personal and professional. However, these services are only offered at the discretion of the individual and are at no time intended to treat any medical or health related conditions nor replace personal healthcare plans.


While it is my hope that all clients achieve their ideal results, please be aware that this is not guaranteed. Each unique individual will experience varying results based on their own level of commitment, effort, and time devoted to the work we cultivate together, as well as biological predispositions and genetic factors.


I am not a licensed nutritionist. Any and all nutritional support and/or information within my services and on the Website are offered solely for guidance and based on personal discretion. At no time is the nutritional guidance offered intended to replace and/or treat personal health plans or conditions.


I always advocate and encourage every individual to seek professional healthcare advice before engaging in any regimented and prolonged physical activity. 



By intentionally moving forward in working with me, you acknowledge and agree that I, the Fitness Alchemist, cannot be held responsible for any injury or health related issue incurred through the use of my services.


You acknowledge that by accessing the Website,, you have read, understood, and agreed to this disclaimer.


If you have any questions and/or concerns related to this disclaimer, please contact me at

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