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Prima Materia

Aligning Physical Fitness & Spiritual Well-Being

    Service Description

    This Archetype is the union of The Warrior & The Sage and the complete embodiment of the RYS ROAR philosophy. Where the cultivation of personal strength and power is balanced with the mindful intention of inner expansiveness. The Alchemist navigates the path to ideal and prime physical health through the aid of ever evolving and transformative workouts, routines, nutritional support and body-conscious work while simultaneously exploring the inner psyche and emotional body. 8 comprehensive sessions are included with this Archetype that intentionally build on and incorporate the supportive elements of The Warrior and The Sage. In addition, multiple modalities, physical assessments and intuitive guidance that are specifically designed for the client are implemented weekly and on an as-needed basis. By working mindfully and openly together, an inclusively curated program is constructed to elevate and ultimately align the client's ideal physical health and spiritual well-being.

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