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The Warrior provides curated programs and nutritional guidance that is aligned with your needs and desired outcomes while meeting the demands of your everyday life.


The intention is to harness personal power through the development of peak physical strength and performance. More than just personal training, The Warrior explores deeper body-mind connectivity and attuning to your own unique energy and life-force in navigating a healthier relationship with the body.


By establishing clear and realistic goals, along with weekly check-ins, support and assessments, The Warrior strives for optimal results that cultivate peak physical well-being.




One-On-One Online Coaching

Plans are personalized with the intention to provide a co-creative program that meets you where you are, while specializing in support towards your specific goals, that include:

  • Personalized Coaching

  • Weekly Adaptive & Transitionary Programs

  • Meal & Nutritional Guidance

  • Assessments & Tracking

  • Daily Support

  • Strength, Performance, Aerobic, Mobility, & Functional Training

  • Mind-Body Connectivity & Intentional Movement

  • Holistic Supplementation & Nutritional Support

$220 : Monthly Rate

*In-Person Sessions Available Upon Request and Accessibility (Price Changes Apply)

*Valid for 1 Year from Date of Purchase

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