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The Sage seeks the path inwards with the intention of gaining deeper knowledge and awareness of one's self, trusting that anything that's present or comes forward within these sessions is a gentle invitation for self-compassion and further opportunity to access one's own sacred medicine. 

Whether there is a specific need or a desire for general guidance, the sacred space that is created here remains the same. By working together to establish clear intentions and expectations you will receive intuitive and mindful support that will offer accessible and powerful tools and methods for exploring deep personal healing, direction, or personalized insight.  



1 Hour One-on-One Online Life-Wellness Session


With every Soul Session, a 

The intention is to co-create a space that allows us to develop a deep interpersonal connection so that you feel supported in a way that aligns with your lifestyle & needs.

Each session is unique & will vary as it may relate to your own personal needs, interests, & request.  A single session may hold & can explore all of the following:

  • Meditation & Stress Reduction, Personal Lifestyle Development, Empowerment, & Implementation, Shame & Trauma Resilience, Intuitive & Holistic Guidance, Tarot & Oracle Readings, Breathwork & Breathing Exercises, Spiritual Integration, Past Life Regressions, Light, Energy, & Shadow Work


$125 : 1 Hour

3 Hour Package : $300

*In-Person Sessions Available Upon Request and Accessibility (Price Changes May Apply)

*Valid for 1 Year from Date of Purchase

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